Technology is bringing Quality,Low-Cost Education to Everyone

Today due to technological advancements in the field of science and information technology, it is not only benefiting the businesses but also transforming the traditional method of imparting education to everyone. Can Technology be afforded by everyone? Technology has surpassed the expectations of businesses in every field today let it be marketting,sales, monitoring,security,infrastructure or automobile because of its precision and competency to outperform in every walk of life to support the well being of the society.

We are all the time hovered by the scientific applications and machinery that makes our lives easy. For instance, Mobile Devices to make calls which was not even possible back in 1980's. Diagnosis of ailments in human beings induced the development of sophisticated devices to carry out surgeries discreetly. Top class infrastructures offering scenic view of the city along with multivarious facilities such as hotels, gymnasium, recreation rooms, clubs etc. The Burj Khalifa,a skyscraper in Dubai is regarded as the tallest structure in the world.

Scientific development has enabled the easy access of technology to a common man in multivarious ways. As we all know, education and upskilling oneself is the dire need to survive in this competitive environment. Technology compliments to achieve it by offering quick access to reading materials via Internet through several educational websites. Moreover, in India surprisingly internet has become really affordable due to cut throat competition among the telecom players to sustain in market. It has helped the general public directly.

Hence, there are multiple startups to provide quality education such as BYJU,Educart,Udemy,Coursera etc which offers intelligently planned curriculum of various courses for students, working professionals and entrepreneurs at affordable cost Moreover, technology has promoted a trend of online mode of classes for delivering the lectures through applications like Zoom ,WebEx Meetings, Skype etc at no or minimal cost.

Conclusively, technology facilitates to offer low-cost quality education to every section of the society.


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