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70degree Solutions

Project type

Human Resources


July 2023



Explore our featured project, the 70 Degree Solutions Human Resources initiative, prominently showcased in Mahendra Technosoft's portfolio. This collaboration underscores our dedication to revolutionizing HR practices and elevating the workforce experience for businesses.

Our team has meticulously designed and developed a solution that harnesses the power of technology and forward-thinking HR strategies. With a people-centric approach, intuitive design, seamless functionality, and customized features, this project represents our commitment to enhancing HR processes and employee engagement.

Discover how we've translated 70 Degree Solutions' vision into a dynamic and effective HR solution. We've equipped them to streamline their human resources operations, attract top talent, and cultivate a thriving workplace environment. This project is a testament to our expertise in redefining HR for business success. Dive into our success stories to witness the tangible outcomes of this transformative partnership

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