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Drive your business forward with Facebook Ads with Wix

Boost sales, generate leads and drive traffic to your site with paid Facebook and Instagram campaigns powered by Wix’s Smart Algorithm.

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Create ads that convert

Generate results by reaching potential customers with targeted campaigns. Launch ads designed to achieve your specific objectives directly from your dashboard.

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Create ads that convert

Complete the intuitive setup and let us manage your campaign. The smart algorithm identifies the platforms, placements, locations and audiences your ads are likely to have the greatest impact with.

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Create ads that convert

Gain valuable insights with an overview of key metrics like site visits, clicks and more. Get tips on how to enhance your campaign anywhere, at any time from mobile or desktop.

Engineered to reach your perfect audience

Our Website smart algorithm uses advanced machine learning to automatically:

Retarget people who have visited your site by showing them your ads on Facebook and Instagram.

Reach people who share similarities to existing customers and are more likely to convert by creating lookalike audiences.

Run A/B tests that identify the strongest performing times and channels for your ads.

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Join thousands of Wix users like Anna, who saw a 530% increase in return on ad spend

How to set up Facebook Ads with Wix

Let Wix’s AI get to work

Create your campaign

Track performance

Craft ad creative, set audience preferences and duration.

Check on results in your dashboard on desktop or mobile.

The algorithm takes care of 24/7 campaign management.




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Select your goals

Choose your business objective—sales, leads or site promotion.


Find your future customers with Facebook Ads with Wix.

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